Jim Marthon
Marthon's apperance
Appearances Grand Theft Auto: State of Dreams
Full name Jim Marthon
Also Known Us JM, Jay-M, J.M., Marthy, Mart, Jimson, Jimmy
Status Alive
Gender Male
Date of birth 23rd October 1986
Place of birth Carcer City
Nationality African-American
Family Frank Marthon (father)

Nicole Marthon (mother) John Marthon (brother)

Vehicle(s) COMING SOON

Jim Marthon (born 23rd October 1986 in Carcer City). He arrived from Carcer City to San Andreas with his friend Paul Corte.

Early lifeEdit

In Carcer City worked as courier for firm "Carcer Express" since 2005 to 2007. After tried car-jacking and drug dealing.

SAPD Database recordEdit

Surname: Marthon

First Name: Jim

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Carcer City

Affiliations: Jim was affiliation with a lot of gangs and drug cartels in Carcer City.

Criminal Record:

2007 - Grand Theft Auto

2007 - Ganja Smuggling

2009 - Drug dealing

2011 - Grand Theft Auto

Notes: He worked for "Carcer Express".


  • Criminal Record about name "Ganja Smuggling" is a reference to sing about this same name by famous reggae singer Eek-a-Mouse.